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supplemental security incomeSupplemental Security Income (SSI) is a government-funded program for people who are unable to work, and therefore unable to pay FICA taxes. It is a strictly needs-based program and therefore carries stringent eligibility guidelines. Graham Law Firm helps clients determine eligibility, apply for benefits and prove they meet all of the requirements.

Who is Eligible for Supplemental Security Income?

The SSI program is run by the Social Security Administration, but it is actually a cooperative program between the federal and state governments throughout the United States. The federal government mandates that recipients be blind, disabled or of retirement age (or older). Recipients must also be American citizens (or political asylee and/or refugees) with exceptionally low monthly incomes. Lastly, all property aside from your home and vehicle(s) must be valued at less than $2,000 ($3,000 for couples). If a recipient’s application is approved, his or her SSI benefits will include cash payments of $733 per month ($1,100 per month for a couple), minus a designated portion of their income.

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It can be overwhelming to gather all the necessary materials to prove eligibility, and disheartening to have an application rejected. Attorney David C. Graham takes pride in assisting his clients in their pursuit to claim the benefits they need and deserve.

Graham Law Firm takes pride in helping Texarkana, Magnolia, El Dorado and Camden residents resolve their supplemental security income legal matters. If you need help with your benefits, call our Arkansas office at (870) 234-9100 or our Texas office at (903) 223-9797 to schedule a free consultation with a trusted attorney.

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