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There are hundreds of fatalities due to large truck-related accidents each year throughout Texas and Arkansas, and thousands more non-fatal collisions. Because of their massive size and the fact that they are typically traveling at high speeds, 18 wheeler accidents tend to cause greater damage than typical auto accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured due to a collision with a truck or 18 wheeler, you are most likely entitled to monetary compensation.

Why Are 18 Wheeler Accidents So Common & Deadly?

There are a variety of reasons why these kinds of accidents are so severe aside from the sheer size of the vehicles involved. First, most trucking accidents occur in rural areas far from nearby medical centers, meaning emergency care cannot be administered as quickly as would be ideal. Second, and perhaps surprisingly, variables like weather and/or lighting conditions are not the leading factors in most of these accidents, but overtired or drunk truck drivers are. Because of these variables, a tractor trailer accident occurs every half an hour in the U.S., typically resulting in a serious injury for which financial compensation is paramount to a successful recovery.

Stricter Regulations & Penalties

Because of the added severity of impact in these crashes, truck operators are supposed to be held to higher driving standards and observe strict rules. There is a cap on how long commercial drivers can haul in one day or week, and they are required to take mandatory rest periods. Furthermore, commercial drivers are only allowed half of the national blood alcohol concentration — 0.04% as opposed to the standard 0.08% for typical drivers over the age of 21. The good news is that if an 18 wheeler driver does violate these regulations, it may be easier to prove their negligence.

We’ll Fight on Your Behalf

If you or a family member has suffered injury due to the actions of a reckless truck driver you may be facing a corporate insurance company that represents the interests of the business employing the driver. This means they might have virtually unlimited resources to try to disprove your claim. Compassionate yet aggressive attorney David C. Graham has extensive experience dealing with these people and will not back down when they try to intimidate or offer a pithy settlement. You’re never alone with Graham Law Firm — we’ll have your back from start to finish.

Graham Law Firm wants to help you get the compensation you deserve following an 18 wheeler accident. Don’t try to fight insurance companies on your own, get the help of trusted Texarkana attorney David C. Graham. To schedule your free consultation, call either our Texas office at (903) 223-9797 or our Arkansas location at (870) 234-9100 today!

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